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GFI Outlets

GFI outlets are an important safety measure for any electrical installation near water. They should be installed at the beginning of the circuit and be properly rated for outdoor use. GFI outlets can also be installed at various locations along the dock for added convenience.

When installing GFI outlets, it is important to follow manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines. All outlets should be tested regularly to ensure proper function and safety.



It is also important to use marine-grade wire and components to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity. All wiring should be properly insulated and installed in conduit or protective sheathing.


Lighting is an essential aspect of a boat dock, as it provides safety and convenience when using the dock at night. LED lighting is a popular choice for boat docks, as it is energy-efficient and long-lasting. LED lighting can be installed under the dock, along the walkway, or on top of the dock for added visibility.

When installing lighting, it is important to ensure that all wiring and components are properly rated for outdoor use and that all fixtures are securely mounted to prevent damage from wind or water.

Power Supply

If your boat lift is equipped with a motor of 1 horsepower or more, it is necessary to provide it with a 220v power supply to ensure optimal performance. However, if your boat lift currently runs on 110v, a thorough inspection can determine whether it is capable of handling 20 amps @ 110v. In the event that it is not, upgrading to a 220v power supply is necessary. It is important to note that boat lift motors with less than 1 horsepower can function on 110v. However, an inadequate 110v power supply is a leading cause of damaged switches and motors in boat lifts.


As marinas strive to conform to the most recent electrical codes, they are implementing ground fault protection devices (GFPs) at each dock pedestal. GFPs resemble the GFCI outlets that we are familiar with in our kitchens and bathrooms. These outlets, equipped with small “test” and “reset” buttons, are designed to trip when a small amount of electrical current leaks into the grounding system.

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